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For Patients

Medication Tips

  • Never borrow or share medicine.
  • Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.
  • Throw away those medicines you no longer need so children cannot get to them.
  • Store medicines in a cool, dry place.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice on how, when and for how long you should take your medications.
  • If you are on long-term medication, be sure to refill your medication before you run out.
  • Report any unusual and unexpected side effects to your doctor immediately.

Know Your Meds

In an emergency, doctors need to know what medications you are taking to prevent dangerous drug interactions.

The wallet-sized Know Your Meds! card is a very helpful tool for doctors and nurses if you are too hurt or sick and cannot speak. The Know Your Meds! card can help you keep track of all your health information. Simply fill out the card and include your health information and people to contact in case of an emergency. You can also keep track of your vaccines and any drug allergies you may have.

It is very important to keep your Know Your Meds! card updated. If you need a new one, you may call (478) 923-9771 or download one here Download PDF.

How to fold your Know Your Meds! card.

Know Your Meds

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