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Pain Management

Welcome to the Houston Pain Treatment Center. Our multidisciplinary pain treatment team is directed by board-certified anesthesiologists who help control pain utilizing progressive and proven techniques that ensure your comfort for a better quality of life. We personalize your program to you to ensure your treatment meets your needs.

To offer a comprehensive evaluation, we will require referrals from your primary physician. Once we have had the opportunity to meet you, examine you and review your records, we will discuss an appropriate, personalized pain management treatment program.

Pain Treatment Team

The staff of the Houston Pain Treatment Center offers a team of medical professionals to evaluate and treat your pain:

  • Anesthesiologists are physicians specializing in the practice of anesthesiology, or pain management, and they develop an appropriate course of treatment. Your anesthesiologist will administer nerve blocks, and provide counseling throughout your treatment program.
  • Registered nurses: These clinicians coordinate the activities of the various specialists and help monitor your progress. The nurse will also educate you about the role of activity in your treatment plan.

The Houston Pain Treatment Center also works with a number of medical specialists who are available to help in pain management. These specialists include orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons, internists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons.

About Acute & Chronic Pain

Acute pain usually does not last for a long time and is often a result of an injury or surgery. Rest, along with appropriate medication, most often helps relieve the discomfort of acute pain. However, acute pain sometimes persists even though the injury has healed or after recovery from surgery.

Chronic painlasts longer than 3 weeks, and it can disrupt a person's family, employment, social activities, sleep, and emotional well-being. Often the cause is unknown, but the pain can last for months or even years body. If you obtain only partial or isolated treatment for your pain, either by sedating medications or other inconsistent treatments, you may decline in a downward spiral of using pain medication which makes you inactive and thus increases your pain.

This good news is that many people who live with severe, chronic pain learn to cope and limit their reliance on strong painkiller medication. They remain active and continue to enjoy life. Relieving chronic pain is more than just treating the painful area of your body. The treatment embraces physical and psychological factors as you learn how to deal successfully with controlling your pain.

Pain Treatment Goals

We aim to alleviate pain through our multi-treatment approach. Many types of non-surgical therapeutic methods, including nerve blocks can reduce pain. We also seek to decrease any dependence on strong painkillers, as they may prove ineffective or lead to dangerous side effects. We encourage patients to increase physical activity, especially because many people become sedentary, which can actually worsen pain and weakness. Our medical team will work with your primary physician to design an exercise program to gradually increase your daily activity.

We encourage patient responsibility, because each patient must adhere to the program for good health and pain management. Our treatment plans promote an attitude of wellness.

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