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Employee of The Quarter

Houston Healthcare strives to notice and recognize exceptional staff that exceed in their duties to our patients and peers. We task our Directors and Managers with the difficult job of nominating one of these exceptional staff members from their area to submit for the coveted designation as Houston Healthcare’s Employee of The Quarter.

All nominees are recognized at a quarterly meeting and presented a certificate of achievement for their nomination. The top-most nominee is awarded the Employee of The Quarter designation that includes one administrative paid day off.

Employee of The Quarter (Clinical):
Louise Abara, Lake Joy Med-Stop an Outpatient Department of Houston Healthcare

Employee of The Quarter (Non-Clinical):
Rosalind Hollinshed, HMC EVS

Other nominees were recognized as follows:

  • Steven Carter, PH EVS
  • Rikki Cottle, HMC 2M Acute Medical
  • Kendrick Edmond, PH Respiratory Care
  • Kayla Hughes, HMC 2W Postpartum
  • Kelly Langdon, HMC Pharmacy
  • Denise McGraw, HMC 2M Acute Medical
  • Tyleka Moore, HHP Sport Medicine Rehab
  • April Moss, Cardiac Cath Lab
  • Ashley Pierce, HMC IV Therapy
  • Rochelle Presley, PH ER
  • Jonathan White, Lab/Histology
  • Torri Wiggins, HMC Care Management

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