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The Houston County Board of Commissioners establishes the first Hospital Authority of Houston County. Members include Chairman Kemp A. Harrison, Mayor of Warner Robins; Stanley E. Smith, Jr., Mayor of Perry; Dreyfus L. Fountain, Albert Hudson, Sr., Houser Gilbert, A. P. Yearwood, Wendell K. Whipple, H. Alton Tucker, Charlie L. Williams, Sr., and Gene Wall.


A bond issue of $400,000 is passed by the citizens of Houston County to build a 50-bed hospital in Warner Robins. Construction is approved under the Hill-Burton Act.

July 2, 1960

The new Houston County Hospital, today known as Houston Medical Center, is dedicated. Miss Lou Abrams, RN, is the first Hospital Administrator. A group of local physicians organizes the first Medical Staff. H.E. Weems, MD, is Chief of Staff; Virgle W. McEver, Jr., MD, is Assistant Chief of Staff; and Wentford A. Spears, MD, is Secretary of the Medical Staff. Other Medical Staff members include M.V. Anders, MD; Carl L. Beard, MD; Dan Callahan, MD; James R. Carey, MD; Robert A. Carter, MD; Jay J. Goldstein, MD; A. G. Hendrick, MD; F. B. Meserve, MD; James E. Outler, MD; W. G. Talbert, MD; and J. L. Gallemore, MD.


Houston County voters approve a $900,000 bond issue for construction of a 71-bed addition to the Houston County Hospital in Warner Robins and to build a new hospital in Perry.

July 1967

With funds from the bond issue, along with matching state and federal funds, construction begins on the new Perry-Houston County Hospital at a cost of $1,048,000 on 20 acres located on Morningside Drive in Perry.

April 2, 1969

The new Perry-Houston County Hospital opens as a 45-bed acute care hospital with nine bassinets in the nursery. On opening day, the hospital has four patients, including one mother and new baby. The hospital employs 70 people. Myron L. McDonald, Administrator of the Houston County Hospital in Warner Robins, also serves as the first Administrator of the Perry-Houston County Hospital. Austin A. Click is the Assistant Administrator with Mrs. Alberta Jarres as the first Director of Nursing Services. Medical Staff of the new Perry-Houston County Hospital includes J. L. Gallemore, MD, as the first Chief of Staff; J. R. Arnall, MD; L. A. Erbele, MD; A. G. Hendrick, MD; B. L. Pilcher, MD; Ronald G. Severs, MD; H. E. Weems, MD; A. M. Deloach, DMD; C. E. Graham, DMD; and W. R. Jerles, DMD.

The Perry-Houston County Hospital is the first hospital in the state to have an active Pink Ladies Auxiliary prior to its opening. This Auxiliary, organized by the Idaka Club of Perry, includes 43 active members. The first officers are Mrs. Lewis B. Smyth, president; Mrs. Milo Medlock, first vice president; Mrs. Clifford Grimes, second vice president; Mrs. Lewis Meeks, treasurer; Mrs. Tom Williams, corresponding secretary; Mrs. W. R. Richardson, Jr., recording secretary; and Mrs. David P. Hulbert, finance chairman.


The Houston County Hospital in Warner Robins undergoes several major expansions to include a new intensive care unit, coronary care unit, additional radiology and obstetric services.


Perry-Houston County Hospital is renamed Perry Hospital and adds a laboratory building, new emergency department, intensive care unit and physical therapy/respiratory therapy services.


Houston County Hospital is renamed Houston Medical Center. A four-story patient tower and renovation of hospital rooms from semi-private to private rooms gives the hospital a total of 186 beds.


The Hospital Authority constructs a cardiac catheterization and cardiac diagnostic laboratory , the Houston Heart Institute, on the campus of Houston Medical Center. Houston Healthcare also opens two urgent care centers, along with an outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine facility, and an outpatient counseling center.


A new $2.5 million Outpatient Surgery Center is added to Houston Medical Center along with a $4.2 million expansion and major equipment upgrade to hospital’s Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Department.


Houston Medical Center completes a $3.8 million expansion and renovation of its Emergency Department. With the new trend toward healthcare being performed in outpatient settings, the Hospital Authority also purchases the former Sears store at Houston Mall in Warner Robins. This 50,000-square-foot building is renovated to become the Houston Health Pavilion, an ambulatory care center, and includes the Pavilion Diagnostic Center, Pavilion Rehabilitation Center, Pavilion Med-Stop and the Pavilion Counseling Center. The Pavilion also houses a pediatric clinic and other physician offices.


Houston Medical Center establishes a partnership agreement with Robins Air Force Base to provide in-patient medical services to Department of Defense active duty military personnel and their dependents.

Perry Hospital completes construction of the Family Beginnings Maternity Center, featuring six birthing suites and newborn nursery, along with a new Outpatient Surgery Center.


Houston Medical Center opens The Women’s Center, a new 27,000-square-foot facility featuring birthing suites, intensive care nursery, and patient rooms.

Perry Hospital relocates its laboratory to inside the hospital and expands the Radiology area and Medical Staff library. The former laboratory building is renovated for physician office space.


The Pavilion Diagnostic Center expands to offer the latest in radiology and imaging services. The new Health Connections Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Center also opens in the Houston Health Pavilion.


The Houston Occupational Health and Wellness Center and Houston Lake Med-Stop opens in a new 13,500-square-foot building located on Highway 127 next to Matt Arthur Elementary School.


Houston Medical Center opens its Same Day Services area with a new MRI and CT suite.


Perry Hospital’s Family Beginnings Maternity Center closes and maternity services are relocated to The Women’s Center at Houston Medical Center.


Heart of Georgia Hospice opens a six-bed inpatient and palliative care unit in the former Family Beginnings Maternity Center area at Perry Hospital.


The Surgery Center opens on the Houston Medical Center campus. This new 17,242-square-foot facility includes three general operating and two endoscopy rooms, providing Houston Medical Center the capability to handle an increasing volume of outpatient surgery and endoscopic procedures.


The Hospital Authority of Houston County approves the Phase I of a campus master facility plan, estimated at $75 million. In addition, a new 64-slice CT machine is added to Houston Medical Center’s Imaging Services.


Construction begins on a new five-story Northwest patient tower for the Houston Medical Center facility, which includes new construction and renovated space for ancillary support services. Construction also begins to expand the Houston Heart Institute cardiac catheterization laboratory and build a central energy plant on the Houston Medical Center campus.

Perry Hospital opens its newly renovated CT suite, which includes 16 multi-slice technology with 3D image reconstruction.


Houston Medical Center and Perry Hospital begin offering electronic Intensive Care.

January 2009

The Lower Lobby and First Floor of the Northwest Tower construction project at Houston Medical Center opens.

June 2009

The 130,581-sqaure-foot Northwest Tower at Houston Medical Center opens, providing an additional 12 medical/surgical beds, as well as additional observation patient beds, expanded spaces for admissions and patient registration, education and meeting rooms, lobby and public areas, as well as new parking areas and improved access to the campus. Houston Medical Center also receives approval from the Georgia Department of Community Health for an additional 39 inpatient beds, bringing the total number of licensed beds to 237.

Sept. 2009

Perry Hospital completes an expansion and renovation to its cafeteria.


Perry Hospital completes an expansion and equipment upgrade to its Radiology area to include a renovated Mammography Suite and digital mammography. It also completes construction of its new Dining/Conference Room in preparation for the renovation of the Medical Library and expansion to the Laboratory.


Perry Hospital completes renovation of the former Medical Library into a new Same Day Services Outpatient Registration area and an expansion to the Laboratory.

Houston Medical Center opens its Neuro-Sleep Center, which offers a six-bed area for sleep labs and neurology services.

January 2012

Pavilion Family Medicine Center opens at Houston Health Pavilion.

February 2012

Perry Hospital renovates its front entrance to provide a lighted canopy to protect patients and visitors from inclement weather, and to replace the sidewalk, driveway and landscaping.

May 2012

Perry Hospital breaks ground on a new nine-bed expansion to eliminate all semi-private patient rooms. Costing $2.8 million, the expansion will add 5,074 square feet to Perry Hospital, which will include nine new patient rooms, a nurse’s station and transcription rooms for physicians.

July 2012

The Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency Program begins at Houston Medical Center, allowing 18 Resident physicians to provide care to the Pavilion Family Medicine Center and Houston Medical Center.

December 2012

Perry Hospital opens the new expansion adding nine private patient rooms.

December 2012

Renovation and expansion construction begins at Houston Heart Institute.

May 2013

Construction begins on the renovation and expansion of the Surgical Services area at Houston Medical Center.

October 2013

Renovation begins at Houston Health Pavilion.

April 2014

The first phase of Houston Health Pavilion renovations are complete including expansions of Pavilion Diagnostic Center, EduCare Community Education, and Pavilion Family Medicine Center.

April 2014

Houston Medical Center completes the renovation and expansion of Houston Heart Institute adding two state-of-the-art cath labs, six new recovery bay areas, a second nurses station, a scheduling office and a registration waiting area with direct entrance.

June 2014

Houston Medical Center opens the Surgical Services area expansion. Costing $31.5 million, the expansion adds six surgical suites, a cystoscopy suite, an expanded area for staff and physician workflow, a larger waiting room for families, two physician consultation rooms, four patient interview rooms, an expanded registration area, and a new exterior entrance with a large canopy for the Main Tower.

October 2015

Final Surgical Services renovations completed at Houston Medical Center including Endoscopy, Pain Treatment Center, and PACU/Recovery.

January 2016

Cary W. Martin Conference Center opened at Houston Health Pavilion.

March 2020

Lake Joy Med-Stop now offers pediatric urgent care.

January 2021

Bonaire Med-Stop opened in the Merganser Commons at Bonaire Shopping Center - providing urgent care for pediatric and adult patients.