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Behavioral Health & Psychiatry

Innovative Therapy of Mental, Emotional, & Addictive Disorders

At Houston Healthcare, we believe the right medical treatment should address not only the patient’s physical health but their mental and emotional wellbeing, too. That’s because it is just as important to address mental health as it is to treat physical health problems. While it’s easy to neglect your mental health during times of distress and unhappiness, it can change your life for the better to meet with an unbiased professional who can provide support and offer skills on how to lead a more fulfilling life. Our caring, professional staff has a united goal: to offer quality care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients.

Behavioral health services at Houston Medical Center’s Inpatient Unit provide a wide variety of mental health and substance abuse services to adults facing psychiatric disorders in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Our professional staff includes board-certified psychiatrists, registered nurses, clinical assistants, licensed counselors, and other technicians. Under the medical direction of a psychiatrist, the staff provides medical care and individually tailored patient therapy from the time of admission to aftercare. Detoxification services are available to substance abuse patients. Support groups and educational programs are available for the patient's family as well.


Houston Medical Center is accredited by DNV Healthcare and the Inpatient Unit program is designed specifically to meet the needs of adult psychiatric and substance abuse disorder patients.

If you are in need of crisis intervention or know someone who may need our services, please call (478) 542-7788 or (800) 648-2649. Our staff is available 24/7.

Outpatient Services We Provide

Houston Behavioral Health Associates provides treatment of mental health conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Psychiatric disorders/schizophrenia
  • Adult and pediatric mental well-being