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EMS Billing

Understanding Ambulance Fees

You may wonder why you were charged an ambulance fee even if you refused transport. The Treat No Transport (TNT) charge is essential to support the constant availability of ambulances and well-trained personnel that provide immediate emergency response. Ambulances stand ready to serve you 24/7, 365 days a year, which requires continuous maintenance and staffing.

Insurance Coverage for Ambulance Services

While ambulance services are critical in emergencies, insurance coverage can vary depending on your provider and policy. It's important to review your insurance policy carefully to understand what your insurance will cover. Insurance companies may not always cover the entire cost of 911 services, and you might be responsible for copays, deductibles, or the total cost of services based on your health insurance plan.

Please call (877) 397-4851 if you have any inquiries related to billing for Emergency Medical Services at Houston Healthcare.

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