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Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Improve Your Quality of Life Through Exercise Therapy & Counseling

Health Connections, our outpatient rehabilitation program at Houston Heart Institute and Houston Healthcare, offer outpatient rehabilitation for people with heart or pulmonary disease. This program is uniquely designed to improve your quality of life. The comprehensive, individualized program includes exercise therapy, education, and counseling for participants and their families.

When you enter the program, you will be thoroughly assessed to determine your current fitness level so a personally tailored exercise program can be made for you. Our compassionate rehabilitation team members understand how exercise can be very physically challenging, especially if it’s not a regular part of your routine. While you are in our program, we can help you grow more accustomed to exercise and diet changes gradually, which turns what was once a pesky chore into a healthy habit.

How Does Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Work?

You will begin the program after a thorough assessment, once our qualified exercise physiologists, registered nurses, and respiratory therapists design the optimum exercise program for you. The center features a 12-week, 36-session program for our cardiac patients and an 8-week, 24-session program for pulmonary patients.

With effective cardiac and pulmonary rehab, you should see improvement in your:

  • Weight
  • Stress
  • Blood sugar
  • Strength and fitness
  • Blood pressure
  • Breathing
  • Mood
  • Physical comfort

Am I a Candidate for Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab?

Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation is often recommended for patients who have had heart surgery or those who have serious heart or lung conditions requiring ongoing management. You may feel like you don’t want to do an exercise program for fear it is outside your physical capabilities, but you can rest assured our rehabilitation therapists are specially trained on patient monitoring to tell the difference between natural and expected exercise fatigue in comparison to dangerous fatigue that can worsen your health. By the end of the program, you should have the tools necessary to live a normal, productive life and have increased exercise tolerance and performance.

The Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs at Houston Healthcare are available by physician referral. We are located at Houston Healthcare – Warner Robins in Warner Robins.

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