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Leading the Way in Radiologic Technology:
Houston Healthcare Now Provides Low Dose Radiation Technology

Providing quality care and ensuring patient safety are at the heart of our mission. Houston Healthcare is pleased to announce we are the first healthcare system in Georgia and Florida to install the Aquilion Prime CT, a 160-slice scanner, bringing low dose radiation technology to the communities we serve. By partnering with Toshiba American Medical Systems, we have also upgraded our CT scanners at Houston Medical Center, Perry Hospital and the Pavilion Diagnostic Center to provide ultra-low dose radiation CT scanning.

Computed Tomography (CT) scanning is an advanced type of X-ray exam physicians rely on for making more accurate diagnoses and developing patient treatment plans, due to the speed and ability of the scanner to provide higher detailed images. Because X-rays have the ability to penetrate the body, they are essential for creating images of internal body structures.

“Houston Healthcare is fortunate to be able to offer this type of technology and high quality images to the communities we serve,” says Cary Martin, Chief Executive Officer for Houston Healthcare. “Being able to reduce the amount of radiation exposure while producing high quality images in less time allows us to continue to provide quality care to our patients.”

With patient care in mind, the Aquilion Prime CT scanner utilizes SURETechnologiesTM applications specifically designed to deliver the highest image quality possible while minimizing the amount of radiation and contrast dose exposure for patients. SUREExposureTM automatically adjusts the dose levels each patient receives based on their size. Using state-of-the-art software that sharpens the image, this technology provides optimum image quality at lower radiation levels, enabling physicians to gather the necessary information they need with less radiation exposure to the patient. Because of a child’s size and increased sensitivity to radiation, it is even more critical to limit the amount of radiation exposure to our pediatric patients. With SUREExposure PediatricTM, physicians have access to all the dose reduction benefits, while adjusting to the specific needs of each child.

Several aspects of the new CT scanner lead to increased patient comfort and improve the overall patient experience. The longer, wider table is able to support larger patients and provides a more extensive area for scanning without having to reposition the patient. Part of the gantry, or scanner body, tilts to provide easier access to patients and helps avoid unnecessary exposure to critical organs such as the eyes. Lastly, completely rotating in the blink of an eye, the machine scans patients faster for shorter exams and less radiation exposure.

As part of our commitment to providing quality care, we are also utilizing Toshiba’s PROTECTTM program, a 3-year, comprehensive CT radiation dose management program combining their technology solutions with its education and support. Through in-person collaboration, Toshiba experts will review the system’s hardware and software and consider implementation of additional dose reduction technologies.

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