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Inpatient Physical Therapy

Patient-Centered Rehabilitative Care

Inpatient physical therapy is standard for patients who need help improving flexibility, range of motion, managing pain while in the hospital. Likely candidates for inpatient physical therapy are those who have been recently affected by a stroke, traumatic injury, or post-operative patients, especially orthopedic surgery patients. Our physical therapy team will work with you and develop a treatment plan until you are ready to be discharged. The goal of inpatient physical therapy is to help patients achieve maximum independence in their daily lives and safety in mobility. During physical therapy, you can expect significant improvement in your strength, endurance, and comfort level.

Remember that you are the most essential piece of the puzzle in your physical therapy regimen. While your rehabilitation team will give you the tools you need, it is up to you to utilize them as directed to aid in your own recovery.

The Benefits of Inpatient Physical Therapy

At Houston Healthcare, our focus is on the entire patient experience.

To help you gain all you can from inpatient physical therapy, we will assist with the following:

  • Patients often return home within 2-3 days after total hip or knee replacements
  • Evaluation and treatment of with neurological, cardiac, and pulmonary diagnoses
  • Enhancement of physical health and functional abilities
  • Active involvement with the patient and/or their caregiver to formulate goals
  • The use of an inpatient rehab gym and patient dining room
  • Close work with the entire medical team to ensure patients are discharged to an appropriate setting

If your doctor recommends outpatient rehabilitation, remember that you have a choice in selecting your rehab facility. Our therapy professionals are happy to evaluate you and determine whether you would benefit from our services. A physician’s prescription is required for outpatient rehabilitation with Houston Healthcare.

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