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Houston Healthcare offers an overall comprehensive benefits program. In addition to an array of core benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement, Houston Healthcare also offers a wide range of family-friendly benefits. We offer different personalized care plans to meet our staff’s needs.

Our benefit program features:

  • Annual Leave
  • Medical Insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability
  • Education Assistance
  • Financial Planning
  • Wellness Services
  • Employee Assistance Program

Balancing Work and Home

Houston Healthcare offers employees paid time off for personal, family, community, and other outside needs and obligations. While it is necessary to place reasonable limits on time away from work to ensure that each staff member's job responsibilities are done well. All staff members must be treated fairly and consistently in dealing with time away from Houston Healthcare.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Leave Program

To assist you with the balance of home and work, we provide a comprehensive PTO (Paid Time Off) leave program. Houston Healthcare also provides for other types of work absences, including workers' compensation, bereavement leave, jury duty leave, and disability insurance.

Medical Insurance - Health, Dental, Pharmacy & Vision

Health Insurance

Houston Healthcare offers two three medical plan designs for your health coverage needs. The Standard plan is a traditional plan with office copays, lowest deductible and highest premium. The Consumer Choice plan features a mid-range deductible and premiums with 90% coinsurance. Employer contributions are offered to help offset the employees cost for health expenses. The High Deductible plan offers the lowest premium cost, higher deductible and 90% coinsurance. A generous employer contribution is provided to a HSA when enrolled in this plan as well. It’s up to you to decide which plan will work best for you and your family based on the cost of coverage, the annual deductible and the out of pocket maximum

Dental Insurance

Our dental plans cover preventive, basic, and major services, but differ in how they pay for covered services. Participants can visit any licensed dentist under each insurance plan.

Pharmacy Insurance

Houston Healthcare’s pharmacy benefits allow you to purchase generic, preferred brand, and non-preferred brand drugs with a co-pay at any in-network pharmacy.

Vision Insurance

We offer a nationwide vision care plan to manage the cost of eye examinations as well as the cost of eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Educational Tuition Assistance

Houston Healthcare provides tuition reimbursement for continued education that is approved through our tuition program.

As a full-time employee of Houston Healthcare, you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement for courses pertaining to your present position or a position determined to be in demand which will enhance your potential for advancement within Houston Healthcare. Full-time employees may be eligible for the program after completion of two (2) years of employment with a work payback commitment required.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential, short-term counseling and referral service for all employees and their dependents. The EAP counselors can help with personal problems which, if left unresolved, could significantly interfere with their personal life and career.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Reimbursement accounts are available for current Houston Healthcare employees. These accounts help you take advantage of tax savings on eligible healthcare and reimbursement for daycare expenses for eligible dependents. We offer both the Medical FSA and Dependent Care FSA accounts, as well as a Health Savings (HSA) account for individuals enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan.

Healthy Houston - Wellness Program

All employees can receive free health screening for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, height/weight, BMI, and body fat through our Healthy Houston program. Counseling is provided on the results with recommendations on ways to create a healthier lifestyle.

Life Insurance - Employer-Paid & Voluntary

Houston Healthcare provides a comprehensive life insurance program, including both employer-paid plans and voluntary, employee-paid programs from which you can choose to participate to supplement your insurance needs.

Short/Long Term Disability - Voluntary

Short-term disability is offered as a voluntary product during our annual open enrollment. Premiums are based on age and salary and are payroll deducted. Short-term disability will pay if you are determined disabled for 14 days up to three (3) months.

Houston Healthcare provides long-term disability as a paid benefit for all eligible employees. Long-term disability pays a percentage of your basic monthly salary if you are considered to be totally disabled for a period of 120+ days up to the age of 65.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation coverage is an employer-provided coverage for on-the-job accidents, injuries, or work-related medical situations.

Wellness Benefits

Nearly 80% of disease in this country is preventable. One of the best ways to reduce claims costs is by practicing prevention. Houston Healthcare supports faculty, staff, and their family members in practicing prevention through a broad range of health management programs. You may be interested in a health management program to gain a proactive approach to improving health and preventing disease before it happens.

Education Classes

All employees are eligible for free classes through EduCare on hypertension, stress management, diabetes, and heart-healthy diet classes.

Healthy Lifestyle Snacks

Houston Healthcare provides food items in vending machines that are labeled lower in fat and carbohydrates for healthier choices.

Tobacco Cessation

Houston Healthcare offers a tobacco cessation health coach through Secure Health, via telephone to help you or your family members stop using tobacco products.