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Houston Medical Center and Perry Hospital Receive Stroke Center Certifications

Houston Healthcare has received stroke center certifications from the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Office of EMS and Trauma for Houston Medical Center and Perry Hospital for their commitment to excellence in providing emergency stroke care to the community.

Houston Medical Center has been designated as a Primary Stroke Center while Perry Hospital has been designated as a Remote Treatment Stroke Center. According to the Georgia DPH, improving the survival rates from strokes in Georgia is “exceedingly important and is in keeping with the Public Health’s desire to protect and improve the health and lives of individuals throughout the state.”

“We believe that improving emergency stroke care throughout Georgia can best be achieved by adopting a ‘systems approach’ to care. [Houston Medical Center and Perry Hospital] have become an integral part of a growing emergency stroke care system throughout the state,” says Kathleen E. Toomey, MD, MPH, Commissioner and State Health Officer with the Georgia Department of Public Health.

According to the National Stroke Association, stroke is a leading cause of death, killing nearly 130,000 people each year, and is a leading cause of serious, long-term adult disability. Because stroke affects blood flow to the brain, rapid and effective treatment can save lives and provide the best chance of limiting the extent of long-term damage.

“These certifications let our community know that Houston Healthcare has the resources and commitment to provide the best possible emergency stroke care,” says Kevin Rowley, Public Information Officer for Houston Healthcare. “It’s a combination of the right equipment, staff, and training to quickly assess and treat strokes. This includes the ability to efficiently transfer patients in the rare instances they require treatment beyond our capabilities.”