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Houston Healthcare Launches New Community Health Initiative #HoustonHealthy

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Healthier Choices Today for a Better Tomorrow

Houston Healthcare President and Chief Executive Officer Charles Briscoe recently announced the launch of a new Community Healthcare Initiative called #HoustonHealthy. The goal of this initiative is to encourage everyone in Houston County to focus on preventative health measures as a way to protect against diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and, of course, COVID-19. With a focus on diet, exercise, sleep and lowering stress, this initiative will be part of an overall outreach program powered by Houston Healthcare.

“It’s part of our mission at Houston Healthcare to promote health and wellness in our community, and we hope that this campaign will be a constant reminder that you do have a choice,” says Briscoe. “You can choose better health and you can make healthy choices for yourself while encouraging others to do the same.” As a key component of this initiative, Briscoe encouraged everyone in the community to participate by making healthy choices and posting pictures of those choices on social media using #HoustonHealthy. From a walk in the park with a friend to making a healthy choice at a local restaurant, the hope is that this will encourage everyone to start thinking more about prevention and optimal health as the best way to strengthen the immune system and prevent disease altogether.

Another key component of the #HoustonHealthy initiative is encouraging everyone to lower their chances of hospitalizations and severe illness by getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Houston Healthcare continues to offer Vaccine Clinics throughout the county for the convenience of our citizens.

As part of the #HoustonHealthy Initiative, Houston Healthcare will continue to expand services to our community partners in business and industry with on-site healthcare programs such as blood pressure screenings and weight loss initiatives that can be customized to fit age specific needs. Houston Healthcare is providing this at no charge. Anyone interested in finding out more about how their organization can participate can email Roger Culver at

So be on the lookout for #HoustonHealthy, and we hope you will join us in this effort to make Houston County a happier and healthier place to live.