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Houston Healthcare Welcome First Class of Resident Physicians

Houston Healthcare will welcome its first class of resident physicians in July as part of its new Family Medicine Residency Program. Affiliated with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Houston Healthcare’s Family Medicine Residency Program will provide clinical, as well as hands-on patient training to Osteopathic Physicians entering the field of Family Medicine.

“The primary goals of Houston Healthcare’s Family Medicine Residency Program are to provide training for primary care physicians while helping to fulfill a need for primary care physicians in the Middle Georgia area,” explains William A. Woolery, DO, PhD, FACOFP, Program Director for Houston Healthcare’s Family Medicine Residency Program. “Our objective is to develop our residents into compassionate, well-trained family physicians who can utilize their skills in providing excellent medical care to a wide-range of patients.”

According to Cary Martin, Chief Executive Officer for Houston Healthcare, modern inpatient and outpatient facilities, as well as a diversified, specialized and knowledgeable medical staff make Houston Healthcare and Houston County an ideal learning environment for the resident physicians.

“Offering a first class Residency Program is an integral part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing healthcare services for the communities we serve,” he explains. “Not only will the program improve access to health care for our community, but it will also provide the resident physicians with a knowledgeable and supportive environment in which to learn and grow as a physician.”

Beginning in July, the initial class will include six first-year and three second-year resident physicians with the three-year program eventually expanding to include 18 residents. The Family Medicine Residency Program will also include more than 40 active faculty staff physicians. Residents will receive in-depth training in a variety of medical disciplines, including ambulatory, inpatient, surgical and behavioral science. Residents will provide medical care for a wide range of medical conditions to patients ages five and older by appointment through the Pavilion Family Medicine Center located in the Houston Health Pavilion.

According to Dr. Woolery, patients will reap substantial benefits from the level and quality of care offered through the Pavilion Family Medicine Center and the Family Medicine Residency Program.

“Our resident physicians are medical school graduates who have been granted a medical training permit by the State of Georgia Medical Board for the first year of their residency. First year residents require one-to-one, direct supervision by an attending physician during the first six months of their training, and then indirect supervision for the remainder of their residency. Patient medical charts are also thoroughly reviewed and signed off on by an attending physician to ensure accuracy and quality of care,” he says. “As a patient, you will have the opportunity to establish a relationship with one primary care physician who will have onsite access to experienced, board-certified physicians. In addition, every attempt will be made to ensure that you see the same resident physician each time you visit the Pavilion Family Medicine Center for continuity of care.”

Martin believes Houston Healthcare’s Family Medicine Residency Program will also benefit the community by attracting more physicians—particularly Family Medicine practitioners—to the Middle Georgia area.

“Studies show that a majority of resident physicians typically set up their own practices within 50 miles of where they did their medical training,” he adds.

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