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Pain Management Center of Perry Hospital

Finding relief from chronic pain and improving quality of life are the goals of the Pain Management Services of Perry Hospital. The services include a complete evaluation of your pain and an individualized treatment program to meet your personal needs.

Treatment Goals

Perry Hospital's Pain Management Services is available to reduce or eliminate your chronic pain for a better quality of life. We will provide the following treatment modalities:

  • Offer non-surgical methods, including nerve blocks, when appropriate.
  • Encourage activity. People who suffer from chronic pain often become inactive which can make pain more severe. Working with your primary physician, we will encourage you to participate in a daily exercise program to stretch your muscles and help your reduce your pain.
  • Recommend normal activity. Finding relief and comfort in the routine activities of daily life is an important part of managing your pain. We will help you to return to normal activity as your therapy progresses.

Chronic pain is an unpleasant experience that can start anywhere in your body and affects both your body and your mind. Often the cause of this pain is unknown or started after only a minor injury. The disease can last for months to years and serves no useful function to your body. It can disrupt many aspects of your daily life including employment, sleep, relationships, social activities and emotional well-being. If you obtain only partial or isolated treatment for your pain, either by sedating medications or other inconsistent treatments, you may decline in a downward spiral of pain - medication - inactivity - and increased pain.

Pain management is a growing field that uses techniques from many different branches of medicine to control pain and improve the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers. The blending of many different treatment approaches creates the best balance of medications, activity management, and injection techniques to minimize your pain and increase your quality of life. We cannot always totally eliminate your pain, but we can improve your control over this illness.

Perry Hospital's Pain Management program is a specialty service that accepts patients only through referral from a licensed medical professional (physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, chiropractors). In most cases, treatment of your chronic pain starts with your family medical doctor. We recommend that you contact your family physician first, as this is the doctor who has the most complete knowledge of your medical problems.

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