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Welcome to the Houston Pain Treatment Center. Our multi-disciplinary Pain Treatment Team is directed by board certified anesthesiologists on the medical staff at Houston Medical Center. While we cannot change the fact that pain exists, we can control it, utilizing special pain control measures that are progressive and proven. We adhere to treatment goals which can help you overcome your chronic pain, assuring your comfort for a better quality of life.

The Houston Pain Treatment Center provides treatment for many types of chronic pain which do not require surgical intervention. Our programs are individualized to ensure that the treatment meets your personal needs. Because chronic pain can also affect those around you, we encourage spouses and significant others to participate in treatment programs.

In order to provide a comprehensive evaluation or your pain, we will need a referral from your primary physician. A member of our staff will then schedule an appointment for you for an evaluation. After we have had the opportunity to meet you, examine you and review your records, we will diagnose your pain and discuss an appropriate, personalized treatment program.


Pain Treatment Team

The staff of the Houston Pain Treatment Center offers a team of medical professionals to evaluate and treat your pain:

Anesthesiologists, medical doctors board certified in anesthesiology or pain management, will evaluate your pain and develop an appropriate course of treatment. Your anesthesiologist will administer nerve blocks, prescribe medications and provide counseling throughout your treatment program, while consulting with your primary physician regarding any medically-related problem that may be associated with your pain.

Registered Nurses coordinate the activities of the various specialists and help monitor your progress. The nurse will also educate you about the role of activity, weight reduction and diet in your treatment plan.

In conjunction with your primary physician, we may prescribe physical or occupational therapy. Our therapists will design a specialized exercise program based on your particular needs.

The Houston Pain Treatment Center also works with a number of medical specialists who are available to help in reducing or eliminating your pain. These specialists include orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons, radiologists, gynecologists, internists, neurologists and neurosurgeons.


Pain Treatment Goals

Our goal is to decrease or eliminate your pain by:

  • Providing a multi-treatment approach: Many types of non-surgical therapeutic methods, including nerve blocks when appropriate, will be used to reduce your pain.
  • Decreasing Medication: Though medication for acute pain may be beneficial, strong pain killers for chronic pain can prove ineffective and may lead to dangerous side effects, undesirable complications and a possible increase in pain. After evaluating your medications, if necessary, we will encourage you to gradually reduce your medications.
  • Increasing Activity: Because of chronic pain, you may have become inactive which can worsen your pain. If appropriate, we will work with your primary physician to design an exercise program to gradually increase your daily activity. This will keep your muscles stretched and eventually help to reduce your pain.
  • Encouraging Your Responsibility: We believe that each patient is responsible for his or her own good health and pain management. Our treatment plans promote an attitude of wellness.
  • Improving Communication: Living with chronic pain can cause a strain on marriage and family relationships, resulting in increased tension and pain. It can also affect your work and your relationship with co-workers. Improved communication can help reduce or eliminate tension and pain.
  • Encouraging normal activities: Part of dealing with chronic pain is being comfortable with normal, day-to-day activities. We encourage patients to return to work and normal activity when appropriate and feasible.


About Acute & Chronic Pain

Though pain is a familiar feeling to many of us, it is perhaps one of the most problems facing modern medicine.

Acute pain usually does not last for a long time and is often a result of an injury or surgery. Rest, along with appropriate medication, most often helps relieve the discomfort of acute pain.

However, acute pain sometimes persists even though the injury or the surgery has healed. Pain which lasts for a greater length of time is known as chronic pain, and may cause long-term stress and upheaval in daily activities.The severity and extent of pain has no relationship to the seriousness of a disease. In fact, some life-threatening diseases are not associated with pain at all, while some minor diseases result in a great deal of pain.Unfortunately, chronic pain can disrupt many aspects of a person's life. A person's family, employment, social activities, sleep and emotional well-being can all be affected by chronic pain. Persons who suffer from chronic pain for a long time often tend to rely on medication and, as a result, become physically inactive. This type of behavior produces an ongoing cycle leading to depression and increased pain.

This good news is that many people with severe chronic pain learn to cope with their pain and avoid relying on medication. They remain active and continue to enjoy life. Relieving chronic pain is more than just treating the painful area of your body. The treatment embraces physical and psychological factors as you learn how to deal successfully with controlling your pain.


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